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Environment Furniture: Why Doing Your Part By Keeping Green Really Makes a Difference

Last updated 6 years ago

We are living in a green world where everything from our dish washing detergent to our automobiles promises to be environmentally friendly.  Eco-friendly furniture is another approach to living green. Using sustainable furniture can make your house beautiful and your lifestyle responsible. 

…but what does keeping green actually accomplish? 

  • Conscious steps like recycling everything that should be recycled can reduce up to 75% of the trash sent to landfills. Yearly, we need a place the size of Pennsylvania to drop our trash. Using products that come with less packaging can you save fifty pounds of waste per year, and turning off the water while you are brushing your teeth can save you up to five gallons of water a day.

  • Regular cleaners contain chemicals include formaldehyde, which is a poison, chlorine which can damage your lungs and skin, and pesticides, which we use to kill insects and plants that are harsh to humans. Using green cleaners is good for you, your family, and your pets, and stops you from dumping harsh chemicals down your drains or into the ground.

  • Using eco-friendly furniture means that new materials are not being chopped down and processed into new products. Instead, you can furnish your house with reclaimed or recycled materials that are beautiful without destroying natural resources. Sustainable furniture is a way to furnish your home while staying green.

  • Driving less can also make an impact on the world around us. Never idle your engine for longer than ten minutes, and try to walk, bicycle or take public transportation instead of driving whenever you can. By doing so, you will lessen your pollution output, save gas, and it even improve the health of your heart.

  • Save energy by keeping your lights off in vacant rooms, washing clothes with cold water, and using CFLs.

Come visit us at Environment Furniture, where you can find beautiful, natural, and organic furniture to help you live green and make your house more beautiful.


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